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Tartu tänavakunst_mai20_RuuduRahumaru2020_38

GUTFACE is a low-brow artist whose roots are deep in the soil of East Estonia. You may find him rolling away under a bridge in Tartu, working on plywood cut-outs in his studio in Jõhvi or behind the wheel of a car that’s always packed with paint, on his way to another wall. Hear someone playing drums in the basement? It’s probably also him. GUTFACE is fascinated by mythology and symbolism and often finds himself talking a bit too much about battles and world history. His natural curiosity is mixed with personal reflections that manifest in luscious forms and colours with a strong kick. GUTFACE started his conquest of Tartu by doing paste-ups and rooftops, but soon found his way to rollers and big-scale works as well as sculpture. In addition to working in public space, he often switches between digital mediums such as video, music and graphic design.


Silk-screen print Gutface designed for Stencibility